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Blade Tooth Setter

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Maintain your sawmill blades with the Woodland Mills Blade Tooth Setter by restoring the blade tooth set to the optimized position for cutting. The tooth setter is easy to operate, compact in size and will extend the life of your sawmill blades. Over time, your sawmill blades will dull and lose their set, which will reduce the effectiveness of the blade and diminish the quality of your cuts. An incorrectly set blade can result in wavy cuts, lines or grooves in your boards and even generate excessive heat in the blade, causing premature failure or breakage. It is designed to work with blades of varying pitches, widths, and thicknesses. This unit includes a digital indicator that will measure the tooth set for accuracy. The combination of the unique head design and advancement handle ensures a quick and accurate setting of your blade.


Patent-Pending Head Design

The patent-pending head design of our tooth setter is unique and makes for quicker operation and less handling of the blade. Typical manual blade setters require the operator to set the teeth on one side of the blade and then remove the blade, flip it inside out, reinstall it and set the other side of the blade. The Woodland Mills tooth setter head is easily positioned on either side of the blade eliminating the need for the blade to be removed or inverted to set the teeth making for faster operation.


Blade Advancement Handle

The advancement handle is designed so the operator does not need to manually count teeth and position the blade correctly. Simply pull the advancement handle all of the way back and then all of the way forward and it will advance the blade to the next proper tooth.